recruiting internationally

recruiting internationally

We live in competitive times. Businesses operate in a global economy where physical location no longer matters. Why should recruitment be any different? If your company is not taking advantage of international recruitment opportunities, then it's missing out. There are many ways international recruitment can benefit your business. Here are just a few.

Increased Candidate Pool

Opening up your recruitment process to international candidates dramatically increases the pool of available candidates. Access to an alternative source of skills is advantageous, especially when a particular skill set is in high demand locally. In this scenario, the strongest candidates are all under contract, and only the weaker, less desirable candidates are available. International recruitment increases your options and means your business won't have to settle for 2nd best.

Emerging Technology

Emerging technology can be a challenge to recruit for. Often it is worthwhile investing in employees and training them up in a new product. However, this strategy takes time and may not be a viable option depending on the work. International recruitment gives you an alternative. You may be able to find the skills you are looking for overseas. Bringing in an individual with experience will speed up your project. Also, it will provide an opportunity for skills transfer for other staff.

Legacy Skills

Likewise, legacy IT skills can also be problematic. Only this time, very few people are interested in training to do the work. International recruitment increases your chances of finding the skills you need.

Time Zone

International recruitment doesn't have to involve visas and relocation packages. Remote working is opening up opportunities where both candidates and businesses can benefit. Your business can recruit locals in different time zones to provide "follow the sun support" for your customers. Depending on the market you recruit from, you may also save on your staffing budget. From a candidate perspective, remote working can give career opportunities and better pay without leaving family behind.

Different Mindset

Not all the benefits of international recruitment are tangible and monetary in nature. Hiring international candidates creates a different dynamic within your company. IT staff trained in other environments may contribute to your project in unique and exciting ways. They will often approach a problem from an alternate angle, have a different viewpoint, and develop innovative solutions.

Increased business opportunities.

Employing a range of nationalities can open up business opportunities, especially if your company is looking to expand globally. International staff will bring language skills and local knowledge that can be the difference between success and failure when doing business abroad.

As you can see, international recruitment offers plenty of opportunities. HW Select can help to explore this rich resource. We have an established global network and a proven track record.

We screen all of our international candidates in the same way as our local candidates. Consequently, you can be confident that any candidate presented for your role has the skills, understands the position, and is committed to relocating. We invest our time wisely, so we don't waste yours!