jobseeker advice

jobseeker advice

Candidate Awareness

Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd when it comes to applying for a job. Rather than trying hard to be different, sometimes it's better to go back and get the basics right. Here are some top tips everyone can use to increase their chances of success. It doesn't matter if you're an experienced professional or just starting out, they still apply!


● Keep It Accurate - it is essential to keep your resume up to date and accurate. Get into the habit of updating your resume whenever you change roles or change companies. This way, your resume is always ready and always correct. It's much easier to avoid mismatching dates and job titles if you update your resume as you go. It can also be tempting to exaggerate your skills but avoid embellishing your achievements. It could be a cause for embarrassment at an interview.

● Keep It Relevant - Avoiding letting your resume become a book. Recruiters don't have time to waste sifting through pages of information. Think carefully about what you include in your resume. Only provide information that adds value to your application, such as project budgets, team size, and technologies. A brief overview of outside interests is fine, but there is no need for a paragraph on how you spend your free time.

● Keep It Targeted - target your resume for the job you are applying for. To improve your chances of selection, try to include the keywords from the job description in your resume. You can have all the skills a job requires, but a recruiter might overlook your resume unless you make your skills stand out. Resume selection is often automated when there are high volumes of applicants. In this scenario, a bot will scan resumes for keywords. If you don't have the words, you won't make the cut!

Social Media

● Manage Your Social Media - try to ensure all your career information is consistent across all platforms. Recruiters check multiple platforms and compare the information. It doesn't look good if you claim to be a freelance consultant on one platform and a company director on another.


● Preparation - Research and preparation are vital to completing a successful interview. Always learn as much as you can about a company ahead of your interview. Demonstrating company knowledge shows your interest in the role. Be sure to confirm the interview location is and how you will get there. Add extra time to ensure you are not late. If you are participating in an online interview, confirm the login details ahead of time, fully charge your device, or have an available power outlet. Finally, have the interviewer's phone number handy in case of technical difficulties.

● Presentation - Dress to impress. If you have done your homework on the company, you should have a good feel for the type of people they hire. If in doubt, check with your recruiter. It is better to overdress than under-dress but better still to nail it. Whatever you decide to wear, make sure it is clean, ironed, and free from holes and stains! This applies to your overall appearance. Turn up neat and presentable and keep fragrances subtle.

● Performance - Always be yourself and answer honestly. It's ok to be nervous, but you can get those nerves under control with a little interview practice. It's best if you come across as confident and capable. Also, remember to prepare questions for your interviewer. An interview works both ways, the company is selling the job to you, and you're selling your skills to them.