advertise your job vacancies

advertise your job vacancies

Promote your Job vacancies with HW Select 

Your IT Recruitment Specialists

At HW Select, we are an experienced London-based IT and Investment Management Recruitment Agency with a goal - to simplify recruitment for employers and job seekers alike.

We work with our clients to overcome the many challenges the hiring process can raise. Whether you are facing skills shortages, ramping up for large projects or recruiting cutting edge skills, our trained consultants can help you recruit the resources you need.

Our consultants work exclusively with selected markets, industry sectors and technologies. As a result, we can offer in-depth knowledge and expertise to help you hire the best talent available.

Our Service offering

● HW Select is a full service IT Recruitment agency. We offer: Permanent, temporary and contract recruitment from mid-level through to senior
● Contingency and retained assignments
● Roles that are proving challenging or difficult to fill
● Recruitment advice and guidance for planning or hiring purposes.

Why Partner with HW Select?

Targeted Recruitment Strategy
At HW Select, we believe there is much more to recruitment than posting job ads and reviewing the responses.

We take the time to understand your requirements and expectations. This allows us to build a prospective candidate profile and shape our recruitment strategies to achieve the best results.


All of the consultants at HW Select understand the technology within their area of specialisation. We know the jargon and can talk tech. This helps us understand a role and assess candidates skills and suitability without relying on keyword matching.

Save Time & Money

Free up your HR team and streamline your recruitment process. Internal recruitment can be effective but often takes far longer and can end up costing your company more in time and delayed work. HW Select has access to the skills you want, in the time frame you need. Our extensive candidate database, strong industry networks and the ability to engage passive job seekers all help us to source the talent you need.

Expert Advice

Our staff have a wealth of recruitment and IT experience to draw upon. We are happy to use this expertise to help our clients with industry insights, alternative resourcing methods, market intelligence and current salary and contract rates.

Contractor Care

Contractor care is important to us. We want our Contractors to feel connected and supported whilst working through HW Select. Our staff ensure all contractors fully understand the terms of their contract and our client's expectations. We maintain regular contact throughout the contract and complete a review post-contract. Our contract services include: timesheet management, onsite contractor visit is, resolution of company or contractor queries.

Candidate Care

Matching a candidate to a role is at the heart of our business, so it's essential we do it properly. Every candidate is an individual, and HW Select works hard to understand their unique skills and needs. We genuinely want all of our candidates to be successful and find their ideal role. As such, we pay attention to cultural fit, job expectations and motivation for the role. We don't waste your time with half-hearted candidates or a candidate's time with inappropriate positions.

Post-placement Care

Post-placement, we keep in touch to ensure a smooth transition and successful employment.

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