IT Recruitment Market in London

What is happening in the IT Recruitment Market

Current recruiting practices are being questioned by the trends occurring at this very moment in the IT industry. So what's happening in the IT recruitment market right now? Some companies have experienced a drop in their recruiting results in the last few years. Websites and recruiting companies that keep the middleman out of recruiting have been gaining power. Candidates have become pickier about prospective jobs and contracts because of money restraints and even company culture restraints. 

Many highly skilled workers choose not to take lower paying jobs or jobs without benefits because there is a shortage of skilled workers here in the U.K. They are using that as leverage for more pay and better benefits. As a result of this, companies have been forced to strengthen their brands and learn how to coax talent into taking their job bait. Successful companies have already started to change their recruiting practices and, similarly, recruiting organisations have also tried to keep up with the times. 

What Trends Have Affected This? 

Because the unemployment rate dropped and the turnover rates have increased, there is a strange mix of open positions and short-term workers. Most companies have not decided to raise their salaries, though there have been significant raises in the average salary for a good number of IT sector positions, so candidates are in more of a position to withhold instead of jumping into a position just because they are forced to. 

How Can a Business compete in a Candidate’s Market?

Because the competition is so intense for highly skilled IT professionals, companies have had to change to a “centralised recruiting focus,” which means they attract the best talent by implementing strategies. Individuals react strongly to bold brands with clean and concise philosophies and messages. This includes ramping up social media and Internet presence. A corporate webpage and social media profiles should compel prospective employees to engage with the media. Talent may look elsewhere if a company doesn’t seem to offer any kind of clear messaging and vision. It’s no longer enough to get a paycheck. Most people want to work for something they believe in. 

Passive vs. Aggressive Recruiting

An employer expects their prospective employees to convey all that he or she has to offer not only the department, but also the company as a whole. Likewise, a prospective employer must lure highly skilled talent in with promises of whatever perks it can manage. Even the descriptions on the job listing itself should be compelling. There are so many open and available jobs to which an individual can apply, making the position sound like it is worth their time and effort goes a long way. Remaining realistic, while being creative and “selling” the job and the company helps to attract the best people for the position. This also must mean that those who are recruiting and hiring must be aware of what's happening in the IT recruitment market right now and adjust accordingly. No more arrogance or immediate dismissal. It’s all about selling the idea of joys of working, not the paycheck that comes with the job.

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