Recruitment Advice for Candidates

Recruitment Advice for Candidates

In the last few years, the competition amongst candidates for job vacancies has risen exponentially. In order to land that perfect dream job, a potential candidate must be noticed. With a growing population of job seekers all with very similar qualifications and experience, it helps to know how to make a resume and CV stands out. Whether an individual is looking to move up the ladder, find a new job, or start a new career altogether, this list of recruitment advice for candidates is sure to be a great help!

     ● Market Yourself

Because the applicant pool is only getting deeper and wider, a job seeker needs to understand that a resume is not only a list of skills and accomplishments. It is also a piece of personal branding and marketing material. Think about a personal statement. Is it too dry? Does it accurately reflect the kind of worker and person a candidate is? Punch it up a little and don’t be afraid to show personality. A really beautiful lay out for a resume or CV can show not only the regular work history and information, but also what a creative wiz are at design and branding. Use some color (within reason) and maybe use a nice font for the name at the top. Make sure that the personal branding materials not only stand out, but also are really easy to read and engaging to look at.

     ● Think about what you have to offer, and why you want this position

What makes a potential candidate great for a job? Is it because he or she has been working at the same desk for five years? Or is it because they are ready to add something new and exciting to the company, and this position is the way to do it. Know exactly what a company is looking for from the candidate, and the position you are applying for. Does he or she have relevant experience?

     ● Develop a Pitch

Working with a recruitment agency can be just the push needed to get your career on track. By communicatively expressing your skills, knowledge, accomplishments, and vision to a prospective employer is a good first step to success.

A recruitment agency will help narrow down and accentuate exactly what makes a better candidate than the rest of the competition. The agency may also suggest improvements that can help a candidate gain the necessary training and certification required for a specific vacancy.

Potential employers will see that the applicant has drive, determination and commitment when it comes to their career. A well-developed pitch and consistent branding that conveys a candidate’s willingness to succeed. That’s how a resume lands on the top of the applicant pile.

Whether the job seeker is a secretary, account manager, administrator, or anything in between, brushing up a resume and CV can be the powerful tool (and confidence boost)  needed to kick start a new career or to help advance a current one. Consistent branding, self-assurance, commitment to your future and knowing exactly what it is that a candidate wants are all paramount to success.

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